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Waste Management Reviews

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  • Items dumped behind my house in the alley

    I have called twice since May first trying to get old furniture that some of my neighbors dumped behind MY house removed and NOTHING has been done YET! The water meter reader had to move the huge filthy couch off the meter to read it, and the dumpster truck driver rolled it back against my fence when he came by. It seems to me that no one cares as long as it isn't behind THEIR house! There is also another couch someone dumped across the alley on door down, and it has been there even longer. Pathetic was to run a business that WE tax payers pay for. I guess Fox News and the Mayors... More...
  • unlawful pickup time

    WM has been picking up dumpster trash between 3:45 -3:45 in the morning. According to code they are not supposed to that between the hours of 11pm to 7 am if there's any residential(s) within 100 feet from pickup point. Our residence is less than that. I first called the police department for my complaint and they advised me to call Code Enforcement. I did that and they sent someone to survey the area but they have to catch them in the act so I was told. The manager of the building called WM office few times to changed their pick up time and it's been almost 2 months and... More...
    (Legal Services)
  • Dumping my trash

    Need a sticker for vehicle in order to dump my trash live down the road from trash dump on Bassett heights and I get harassed for dumping my trash because I am driving a out of state vehicle of my child's father. Can do any better and have to drive his vehicle until I get one and every time I request a letter I can't get mr . Amos to get one. I live in Henry county virginia. The guard that sits out there sees me every week and keeps harassing me and I am getting tired of it. Something needs to be done!!! More...
  • incorrect billing

    Waste Management bills on a quarterly basis. in April they missed 2 trash pick ups. I complained and wanted my bill prorated for the missed pick ups. They agreed and send me a new bill, but they gave it a different invoice number. now the idiots think I owe them an additional amount.. They keep saying I'm past due. I can't get them to figure this out. Its not brain surgery... now I got ANOTHER bill to resume my service. it never Stopped!! I want to switch providers but unfortunately in my county I am told who to use. More...
  • Senior CItizen needs to be credited for non trash pick up

    My elderly parents (87 and 89)who live on a limited Social Security income re-started service with Waste Managment in Oceanside CA on March 1st, 2014. Trash was not picked up for a month even though they were charged for it. Since the billing is done through the City of Oceanside, I contacted the city and asked for a credit. They told me to contact Waste Management directly. I am their doaughter with Power of Attorney. I called Waste Managment on 3/31/2014 at 10:20 AM Pacific Time and spoke with Dan in customer service. My mother was with me and gave him permission to speak to me. Dan... More...
  • Waste Management Contract

    Waste Management has a three year contract that businesses can't get out of. They have the right to raise prices and you can only notify them of cancellation right before the contract expires. If you do not contact them, the contract will renew for another 36 months. I had serious billing issues from them in the first 4 months of service. They could not get their systems straight. I sent an online request for cancellation and received a confirmation number. I then called a competitor and had a dumpster delivered to my site. Waste Management came back and said the... More...
  • Broken Trash Can

    Throughout my neighborhood, I notice that trash cans appear to be thrown about by the trash collectors. I notice trash cans laying in the street or all over the place after trash pickup. I take note if it is a windy day or not. I am disturbed when I see this on calm days. On several occasions, I have been witness to my trash collector treating my trash can with little regard. I understand that the collectors need to address many houses, but to treat my trash can and others' like the Samsonite Gorilla seems inexcusable. I noted a small hole in my newest trash can. I can only... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • green bin

    dgarges@execphones.comWaste mgnt did not pick up my green bin for two weeks, I called and they said sticks were were sticking out. My green bins go empty 80% of the year. These union workers need a smack upside the head. when the rest of us are out of work and they have their fat contract but won't make a little extra effort they are making a big lazt mistake. Because when they go up for a bid for the next contract I will make sure they don't get considered. More...


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