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Waste Management Reviews

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  • Waste Management and Home Depot Bagster scam

    I bought a Bagster at Home Depot, filled according to the instructions, scheduled a pickup nd paid in advance. I received an Email that said it would be picked up on Monday. I received another email that said they were sorry, that they had to reschedule my pickup and they would contact me. Being a business owner myself I hate to bug anyone, but I had to reschedule my roofer because the bag was in the way so I decided to call and see if they had any idea when it would be picked up. The customer service person told me that they tried to pick it up but it was placed improperly! I explained... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    snsduburg's Picture   snsduburg    0 Comments   Comments

    THEIR SERVICE STINKS!!! That I was PROMISED a PICKUP and They Refuse to Either Honor that or at least give a Credit for missing this Promised Pickup is Ridiculous. I find nothing about this Satisfactory At All. I was Promised Pickup on the following Tues. that day came and went and So I called AGAIN and was once Again ASSURED that I would get a Pickup by the next day and of course that Came and Went. Now I call and they say I will neither get a Pickup or any sort of compensation for their lies. FRUSTRATED DOES NOT EVEN BEGIN TO COVER IT! More...
    ThymeX's Picture   ThymeX    0 Comments   Comments

    I would never, ever recommend Waste Management to anyone. We were with this company for years, and they still DO NOT appreciate your business. Their extra fees are insane, the fees alone are as much as the service for the pickup. When you call in with a question no one can help you, all they tell you is %u201CWe will look into it%u201D. They do not care for their client%u2019s loyalty; all they care is to have you locked in these very high fees for the term. When the driver comes to pick up the waste, waste is left all over the floor when he is done, you call in, and no one cares. We... More...
    pmendes123's Picture   pmendes123    0 Comments   Comments

    I cancelled my trash service May 8th. County Waste instructed me to leave the two-95 gallon trashcans they provided with their service outside my house and they would pick them up. It is now June 1st. The trashcans are still sitting outside my house. I have contacted them five times about this. Each time they say "it's on the list." They do not care that I have called repeatedly and that having two trashcans sitting outside my house is causing the neighbors to complain and it causes confusion with my new trash service. Twice they committed to a day to pick them up and did not... More...
  • Waste Management Gave Wrong Pickup Information for Large Pickup

    I made an online request last week for the yearly large item pickup. I got a response a couple days later from the Waste Management web customer service department telling me my pickup date was Monday, and to leave my trash by 6am the following Monday. On Monday emailed to say that the garbage truck had gone by and didn't pick up my stuff. Customer service said there are two trucks, so it won't be that one. I also informed them that someone else left a lot more trash, including a bed mattress. Then I emailed that night to say the trash wasn't picked up, and I've... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    nickdxx's Picture   nickdxx    0 Comments   Comments
  • Boycott Waste Management - Crooked, SCAM

    Our office executed an agreement with Waste Management to service our commerical account with a dumpster which would be tended to bi-weekly. After a few short months of service, the local office stated they are removing the dumpster because the drive has a blindspot exiting the property. Waste Management not only removed the dumpster but they sent me two trash cans plus they raised my rates? To make matters worse the regional supervisor stated that if I didn't accept the new rate and use the cans that Waste Management would slap me wih an early termination fee of approximately $600.00.... More...
    edgepointva's Picture   edgepointva    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bagster Scam

    I jumped through hoops to get a a Bagster set up in front of my house. Paid the 200 for bag and pickup. It sat all day until 445 when WM said it could not be picked up. The note read, "it is not cleer. move further down. The bag is full. Give me a break. Terrible customer service over the phone. If you can get through they assure you they will call back. Of course they do not. More...
    raymondcory's Picture   raymondcory    0 Comments   Comments
  • Trash collection

    started receiving electronic statements instead of paper statements and didn't realize it so missed a payment or two. Paid to what I thought was the balance but recieved a "paper" final demand notice that the account was past due, 6 months after I closed the account. Discovered that I was charged $35 fee to reinstate my account so that they could come and pick up the trash that was supposed to be picked up but was not picked up I guess to due the past due bill. So then I was charged for a week of trash pickup up on top of that since they came out "at my request".... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    charlie1226's Picture   charlie1226    0 Comments   Comments
  • Waste Management Dumpster delivery

    I ordered a dumpster to be delivered on a Friday as we had a major project planned for the weekend. As the end of the day approached, and no dumpster had been delivered I placed a phone to waste management to ask if the dumpster would still arrive. The customer service woman was extremely rude from the start. I was then informed that the delivery had been delayed until the following monday because the driver had run out of time. This was totally unacceptable as I had arranged a construction crew for the weekend. The rude woman informed me that when delays happen they do not inform customers... More...
    Tonytt's Picture   Tonytt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Garbage services

    I just moved into a new apartment and Waste Management sent me a bill for the last three months. I have not lived at this location that long and I did not request their services. I have another contract with a disposal company and my landlord is aware of my garbage removal. Why does WM think they can monopolize this city and demand payment for all waste services in the city? I am sure this will drag on at my expense and no one from WM will try to resolve this. I am alos hearing that the city that I live in requires all tenants to have garbage removal with Wast Management. ???? You cant... More...
    vlctan's Picture   vlctan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Waste Management Lied to Me!!!

    I called to have a sofa picked up about a month ago. They scheduled it for September 11, 2014 (yesterday). I called at 10:00 that morning to confirm, as it was raining and the sofa was in the middle of my driveway getting soaked. I was told they would be there that day. It continued raining and my sofa continued getting soaked. I called at 6:00 pm when no one had picked it up yet, and of course, the office was closed. I called again this morning and was told there was no record of a pick up scheduled! I told them that I confirmed the pickup was scheduled yesterday, and they said they had no... More...
    christot's Picture   christot    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never pick up the garbage

    August 22, 2014 Scheduled pick up day is Wednesday and for the second time in 6 months they didn't pick up. 1st time it happened they told us they would come and pick it up for an additional $20 because their route driver said the garbage wasn't at the curb. LIE... The garbage is out.Tuesday night by 8:00 pm for Wednesday pickup RELIGIOUSLY! This time they promised to pick it up Friday following the Wednesday they didn't pick up. At 2:00 pm their automated service calls to confirm that the garbage was picked up. NOPE. Not picked up. So sorry. We promise before the end of... More...
    Garbageyyy's Picture   Garbageyyy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible service

    I am not surprised to read all the negative reviews. Waste Management may be the worst run company I've ever encountered. Our trash has sat out on the curb for more than a week. Daily calls to customer service have done nothing. They promise to do a pickup, promise to have a manager call, etc., but nothing ever happens. I don't know how they can stay in business. If you expect a company that actually values the customer and provides the service that you are paying for, I'd go with someone else. More...
    GSrehobo's Picture   GSrehobo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Multiple Broken Promises regarding Dumster Service

    If you like multiple broken promises, you will love Waste Management. Here is my story: my sisters and I flew into central Florida from out of state because we had to move our mother into an assisted living facility and empty her house. We were on a short timeline, as we had to get back home to work. I called WM on Friday morning to request a dumpster and was assured that it would be delivered that day. When it had not arrived by 4:00, my sister called again and was again assured that it would arrive that day. Needless to say, it didn't and no one at WM ever even bothered to call and... More...
    MikeU's Picture   MikeU    0 Comments   Comments
  • Promises made by WM and blown off 3 times and counting...

    The wheel fell off our blue recycle bin about 6 weeks ago. Consequently, it cannot move as it is full of glass and paper, etc. I called WM and told them of this problem and they told me they'd send a guy out to repair or replace it. 2 weeks went by with no one showing up, so I called again. They apologized, saying "yeah, we see the notes in the computer, we'll send some one out this week." Another 2 weeks goes by and same routine, I call, I wait on hold forever, get more apologies, more acknowledgements from their computer and more promises, but still nothing. We are... More...
    alanmont's Picture   alanmont    0 Comments   Comments
  • Waste Management issues

    I ordered the year long weekly service pick up on April 29th. I was told my 96 gallon bin would be delivered within 7-10 business days. On business day 11 due to not receiving my bin I called to find out when I should expect it to be delivered. The customer service rep informed me my order did not hit their system until May 7th even though I have email confirmation and show my credit card being charged on April 29th. No one could or would explain the week delay but assured me my bin would be delivered no later than that Friday. Please note I had to speak with 3 separate reps to get any... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    jglasmer's Picture   jglasmer    0 Comments   Comments
  • waste recepticals

    Well, unfortunately, i cannot get away from this company, they are the only horse in town. I have been waiting a month for garbage and recycling containers. Amazingly enough, they are willing to charge me for service they cannot provide. They offered to pick up my garbage at curbside in bags. This in some areas may work, but in Palmdale, CA. that doesnt work with the wind factors of the last month. Now, if the morons running this company want to pick up my trash in Lancaster, well, they got a deal. I called 3 times, the last resulted in getting a month of fees taken off my bill.... More...
    mfellis's Picture   mfellis    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With

    I warn all CONTRACTORS using Waste Management and all those using their disposal services on a per bin basis, DON"T USE them! They have been charging me triple the cost compared to local small disposal companies, no joke! Their billing is worse than terrible, when I receive invoices they always have a late payment fees and charge you daily rental rates longer than you had the bin, with numerous invoices you need to hire someone just to take care of their billing! I can't believe a company this large is so expensive and unorganized, they are a very large company shouldn't... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Just a bad company

    On 3/22 we cancelled our service and the auto-payment should have been cancelled at that time.. On 4/7 they took out of our checking acct the next payment. Have called several times about a refund, They tell me we should receive the refund in 72 hours. The next time I called they tell me it will take 6 to 8 weeks to get this refund. This is one bad company, They sometime do not pick up when they are suppose to. Ou nnieghbors have all so canceled their service More...
    marpelf85614's Picture   marpelf85614    0 Comments   Comments
  • contracts

    Same same same signed a contract for 2 free months. Wanted to cancel said my contract was up 2013 3 years which on a second page that looks similar to buying a warranty for a year. Called after contract was up they said I was in a contract till 2016! Rollover contract.! 850.00 to break contract! Was an excellent paying customer for 15 years. Way to treat your customers waste management! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    mnby's Picture   mnby    4 Comments   Comments
  • Do NOT use Waste Mgmt if you care about service

    Waste Mgmt service is below standard. They do not pick up as scheduled, and it is not just occasionally it happens at least monthly. I used CSI prior to Waste Mgmt and they were amazing. Now I use Waste Industries and they are wonderful. If either of these companies ever had delays they let you know. On top of bad service when our apartment community was sold they raise our price from $888 per month to $2200. They did reduce the last month to $964 but it has been a nightmare with their finance department trying to figure out the last invoice. I would never recommend using their... More...
    heatherizzo's Picture   heatherizzo    1 Comments   Comments
  • Lies!

    I asked the sales rep when I set up service if the $97 I was about to pay would cover everything to get my service and the sales rep said YES! I looked at my account online and I had a charge for $44 - $40 set up fee and $4 fee because they had to do a separate invoice!!!! This happened OCT 2013 and it has not been resolved!!! I did not complete my first quarter with them and they will not send me ANY reimbursement!!! They also came and took my trash cans 2 weeks before I told them to!!! Thankfully i had already set up service with a better, cheaper company that is actually GREEN-... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    kas331's Picture   kas331    0 Comments   Comments
  • trash pick up

    This company has horrible customer service. I paid my bill in January. I have been waiting for pick up going on three weeks now. I complained to the company using their 1-800 #. Was told I would get a pick up today. Of course they do not show. Now they say I didn't pay my bill. Which I did. I was given a fax # to send my bank statement proving that I paid. That # is useless. Tried to call them back and all offices are closed. So now I must wait till Monday and hope that I can find a person with a brain that can help me. Time to find a new company. More...
    sywulak999's Picture   sywulak999    1 Comments   Comments
  • Trash pick up in my neighborhood

    I live right next railroad tracks so my alley has one way in and out. Ill just mention today because this is a REGULAR thing for these guys. They pulled up today between 8 and 830 and are still sitting behind my house. Luckily schools are closed today otherwise they would be blocking me from getting out of my garage. See they sit right back there, smoke, talk, eat ect and think that no one sees them or that no one cares. Its ridiculous that they do this on a regular basis, not to mention they empty the trash and then leave then cans right in front of my garage instead of placing them... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    eaharve's Picture   eaharve    0 Comments   Comments
  • Large item pick-up.

    Issues with this company keeps coming up about services that should be performed and is in fact not performed. Missed trash pick-ups, which are then a charge of 25 dollars for a special trip. I placed a broken chair out with the trash and the chair was left. When I contacted them about it I was told that I didn't call 24 hours in advance for a special pick-up and that it would be an additional 35 dollars. Unbelievable, $35 to put a chair in with the garbage. No special trips, no heavy items, a pure rip-off!!! Do not use this company for your trash collection. You will be sorry eventually. More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    Cford62's Picture   Cford62    0 Comments   Comments
  • I hate waste management

    I just got off the phone with these people. They cancelled my service 2 months ago and are still billing me for a service they have not provided. I hate this company they overcharge. I also requested that they come and get their bill and was told I would need to send a certified letter that was on the contract that I NEVER signed. I asked the rep to email me this so called contract and she said she didn't have it.....TOTAL SCAM and what a dishonest company More...
    hmurray37's Picture   hmurray37    1 Comments   Comments
  • Too expensive to afford!

    I am a senior with back/disc problems and a long driveway with a far incline so I have had WM coming to the garage to pick up trash. They charge over $500.00 per year plus fuel charges, etc. I am changing over to Lilac Disposal in Rochester NY. They will come to the house and p/u only when I have a full bag. The bag cost is very reasonable and the annual pick up is under $200.00 per year More...
    caroled's Picture   caroled    1 Comments   Comments
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