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Waste Management Reviews

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  • Lied to me about rental of dumpster

    I built my own home recently and it was a new experience for me. During the process of preparing to build I was told by an employee of Waste Management that it was required that I rent a dumpster from Waste Management to dispose of the debris of building because my city uses Waste Management to pick up residents garbage. I had no reason at the time not believe him, but when he quoted pricing it was a much lower number than the day that I committed to delivery of the dumpster. Of course, I was angry, but I felt I had no recourse because I had to rent from them. After the dumpster was... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ebsnorkel's Picture   ebsnorkel    0 Comments   Comments
  • Over paid Moron's

    I am disabled and it is difficult for me to walk. This being said, when I enter the front of my home after garbage pick up, my garbage can is missing from my drive. I locate my can in front of one of my two neighbors houses, which once located, I have to drag it off my neighbors property back unto mine. There about an inch off a disability lawsuit, my attorneys have been notified and are ready to proceed. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    MikieMike's Picture   MikieMike    0 Comments   Comments
  • Waste Management. Driver tryed to kill me.

    While leaving my job at Firestone on Wilson Road a Waste Management truck pulled out of the Humble dump right in front of me. Slamming on my brakes and pulling the emergency brake I started to slide off of the road. A large chunk of metal flew off of the truck hit my bumper blew the left front tire and both rear tires, broke an a/c line and a couple of brackets underneath my car. My vehicle is a classic 1990 Nissan 300ZX. Four hundred dollars later I call Customer Slervice and yes I mean Slervice. They ask me if I got the tag number. My reply no I was sliding off the road with three blown... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Corum78's Picture   Corum78    0 Comments   Comments
  • Over Billing and Late charges

    I am supposed to be paying my bill every 3 months. I receive a bill every single month for over 100.00 when I should be paying 86.00 every 3 months. I am paying for late charges for February, March in May when I already paid them in April. Noone will help me fix the problem they put me on hold and leave me there. Horrible customer service and if I do not pay they refuse to pick up my trash. Only trash carrier in my area so I have no other choice. More...
    christieh4's Picture   christieh4    0 Comments   Comments
  • WM Review

    I'm a residential customer in an HOA that has a contract with WM. They stopped sending my bill and I forgot to pay (that's on me, i guess). They then start a new account in my landlord's name but sent the bill to my address. I call them and tell them that I didn't receive my bill and they can't bill the landlord so they say they will reactivate my account and cancel the landlord's account. The next 4 billing cycles, I get 2 bills. (mine and the landlords) I call and complain and they cancel both accounts. I finally get a new account in just my name... More...
    kbeck's Picture   kbeck    0 Comments   Comments
  • Waste Management bad business practices

    Our city forced the residents into a one hauler garbage service. We voters didn't get to vote, nice democracy. I haven't had Waste Management's service for over 5 years, but I received a bill from them after the one hauler was implemented. The city instructed home owners to not pay any bills from haulers after a certain date. I spoke to the city when I received this bill, they said don't pay. I called WM (a service I didn't have) and apparently they purchased my carrier in the middle of this transition. But, WM said to not pay this bill also. Months later,... More...
    Cronin's Picture   Cronin    0 Comments   Comments
  • Garbage Pick up

    For those of you who have Waste Management......They bought out my provider(Christian Disposal) which I had paid 1 year in advance. They continued my service for the year, the first week after my paid time ran out they passed my house by and left my trash setting at the curb. I switched Companies to Smith Disposal Service for a better price and service. They left a message on my cell phone to pay if I wanted to continue service. I was told that I owe them because I did not call and cancel my service. I told them that I never subscribed to their service ever. They told me that they would TRY... More...
    db2910's Picture   db2910    0 Comments   Comments

    NEVER, EVER USE WASTE MANAGEMENT! I switched to WM from Rumpke and paid for a year in advance to get a reduced rate. I moved after 8 1/2 months and was told IN WRITING that I would get a refund of the remaining balance paid. I cancelled my service on 11/11/16. It is now 1/27/17 and I am still fighting with them to get my refund! At this point, I have given up all hope of ever receiving it! Customer Service is horrible!! STAY FAR, FAR AWAY! More...
    Reviewer1219's Picture   Reviewer1219    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible company!!! Customer for over 35 years--

    We have been residential customers for over 35 years with Waste Management and recently discovered Waste Management charges us $245.00 per quarter for billing AND OUR neighbors pay only $67.00 per quarter...I mean next door neighbors on each side of us who get the cheaper rate. When I called to complain of their billing practice, they assured us that we would get the same rate as our neighbors. Well this didn't happen so now instead they now say they will now change the rates of ALL people in our sub-division to the higher rate that we pay..Well that was 4 months ago and my neighbors... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    husky12345's Picture   husky12345    0 Comments   Comments

    TERRIBLE company to work with! Cost of trash removal increased 32% in one year, termination of service is extremely costly, made me pay for removal of bins that had never been delivered in the 11 years of service with them, and local office would not respond to many attempts to contact them regarding termination of service. Watch out and get ready to pay a LOT if you choose WM! More...
  • Waste Management and Home Depot Bagster scam

    I bought a Bagster at Home Depot, filled according to the instructions, scheduled a pickup nd paid in advance. I received an Email that said it would be picked up on Monday. I received another email that said they were sorry, that they had to reschedule my pickup and they would contact me. Being a business owner myself I hate to bug anyone, but I had to reschedule my roofer because the bag was in the way so I decided to call and see if they had any idea when it would be picked up. The customer service person told me that they tried to pick it up but it was placed improperly! I explained... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    snsduburg's Picture   snsduburg    0 Comments   Comments

    THEIR SERVICE STINKS!!! That I was PROMISED a PICKUP and They Refuse to Either Honor that or at least give a Credit for missing this Promised Pickup is Ridiculous. I find nothing about this Satisfactory At All. I was Promised Pickup on the following Tues. that day came and went and So I called AGAIN and was once Again ASSURED that I would get a Pickup by the next day and of course that Came and Went. Now I call and they say I will neither get a Pickup or any sort of compensation for their lies. FRUSTRATED DOES NOT EVEN BEGIN TO COVER IT! More...
    ThymeX's Picture   ThymeX    0 Comments   Comments

    I would never, ever recommend Waste Management to anyone. We were with this company for years, and they still DO NOT appreciate your business. Their extra fees are insane, the fees alone are as much as the service for the pickup. When you call in with a question no one can help you, all they tell you is %u201CWe will look into it%u201D. They do not care for their client%u2019s loyalty; all they care is to have you locked in these very high fees for the term. When the driver comes to pick up the waste, waste is left all over the floor when he is done, you call in, and no one cares. We... More...
    pmendes123's Picture   pmendes123    0 Comments   Comments

    I cancelled my trash service May 8th. County Waste instructed me to leave the two-95 gallon trashcans they provided with their service outside my house and they would pick them up. It is now June 1st. The trashcans are still sitting outside my house. I have contacted them five times about this. Each time they say "it's on the list." They do not care that I have called repeatedly and that having two trashcans sitting outside my house is causing the neighbors to complain and it causes confusion with my new trash service. Twice they committed to a day to pick them up and did not... More...
  • Waste Management Gave Wrong Pickup Information for Large Pickup

    I made an online request last week for the yearly large item pickup. I got a response a couple days later from the Waste Management web customer service department telling me my pickup date was Monday, and to leave my trash by 6am the following Monday. On Monday emailed to say that the garbage truck had gone by and didn't pick up my stuff. Customer service said there are two trucks, so it won't be that one. I also informed them that someone else left a lot more trash, including a bed mattress. Then I emailed that night to say the trash wasn't picked up, and I've... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    nickdxx's Picture   nickdxx    0 Comments   Comments
  • Items dumped behind my house in the alley

    I have called twice since May first trying to get old furniture that some of my neighbors dumped behind MY house removed and NOTHING has been done YET! The water meter reader had to move the huge filthy couch off the meter to read it, and the dumpster truck driver rolled it back against my fence when he came by. It seems to me that no one cares as long as it isn't behind THEIR house! There is also another couch someone dumped across the alley on door down, and it has been there even longer. Pathetic was to run a business that WE tax payers pay for. I guess Fox News and the Mayors... More...
  • Boycott Waste Management - Crooked, SCAM

    Our office executed an agreement with Waste Management to service our commerical account with a dumpster which would be tended to bi-weekly. After a few short months of service, the local office stated they are removing the dumpster because the drive has a blindspot exiting the property. Waste Management not only removed the dumpster but they sent me two trash cans plus they raised my rates? To make matters worse the regional supervisor stated that if I didn't accept the new rate and use the cans that Waste Management would slap me wih an early termination fee of approximately $600.00.... More...
    edgepointva's Picture   edgepointva    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bagster Scam

    I jumped through hoops to get a a Bagster set up in front of my house. Paid the 200 for bag and pickup. It sat all day until 445 when WM said it could not be picked up. The note read, "it is not cleer. move further down. The bag is full. Give me a break. Terrible customer service over the phone. If you can get through they assure you they will call back. Of course they do not. More...
    raymondcory's Picture   raymondcory    1 Comments   Comments
  • trash pick up

    I ordered waste management. They failed to pick up my trash the first time. Then they told me I had to take the can to the blacktop road. Its 500 feet from my gate. Today I tugged the heavy can 500 feet to the black top . they picked up my trash, then someone stole my can. If I have to continue to carry my can 500 feet to be picked up I'll cancel my service. I already called another trash company that said they would pick up my trash at my gate. And they are cheaper then waste management. More...
    idlwildranch's Picture   idlwildranch    0 Comments   Comments
  • unlawful pickup time

    WM has been picking up dumpster trash between 3:45 -3:45 in the morning. According to code they are not supposed to that between the hours of 11pm to 7 am if there's any residential(s) within 100 feet from pickup point. Our residence is less than that. I first called the police department for my complaint and they advised me to call Code Enforcement. I did that and they sent someone to survey the area but they have to catch them in the act so I was told. The manager of the building called WM office few times to changed their pick up time and it's been almost 2 months and... More...
    (Legal Services)
  • Trash collection

    started receiving electronic statements instead of paper statements and didn't realize it so missed a payment or two. Paid to what I thought was the balance but recieved a "paper" final demand notice that the account was past due, 6 months after I closed the account. Discovered that I was charged $35 fee to reinstate my account so that they could come and pick up the trash that was supposed to be picked up but was not picked up I guess to due the past due bill. So then I was charged for a week of trash pickup up on top of that since they came out "at my request".... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    charlie1226's Picture   charlie1226    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sorry ass service

    Waste management is the worst garbage service there is, I get missed three times a month if I'm lucky they will get my garbage once a month,I have called them and even went to their office myself and they drive right by my dumpster.i complained to the manager and was credited 500 dollars on my bill is what they said but nobody their in the office has posted it to my account and this has been atleast 8 months ago,I'm a small business owner myself and if I ran my business the way they do,I'd be out of business in no time..it's a shame you pay for their service and they... More...
    Harrydnorris's Picture   Harrydnorris    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dumping my trash

    Need a sticker for vehicle in order to dump my trash live down the road from trash dump on Bassett heights and I get harassed for dumping my trash because I am driving a out of state vehicle of my child's father. Can do any better and have to drive his vehicle until I get one and every time I request a letter I can't get mr . Amos to get one. I live in Henry county virginia. The guard that sits out there sees me every week and keeps harassing me and I am getting tired of it. Something needs to be done!!! More...
  • too expensiv

    We are moving our business and the township we use does their contracting with a different, and MUCH less expensive hauler. WM is charging us a cancellation fee of 3 times a monthly bill, plus a pick up dumpster fee. The new service we are getting will be picking up weekly, instead of biweekly, for 2/3rd the price per month. I am glad to be rid of WM. More...
    lljpence's Picture   lljpence    0 Comments   Comments
  • Waste Management Dumpster delivery

    I ordered a dumpster to be delivered on a Friday as we had a major project planned for the weekend. As the end of the day approached, and no dumpster had been delivered I placed a phone to waste management to ask if the dumpster would still arrive. The customer service woman was extremely rude from the start. I was then informed that the delivery had been delayed until the following monday because the driver had run out of time. This was totally unacceptable as I had arranged a construction crew for the weekend. The rude woman informed me that when delays happen they do not inform customers... More...
    Tonytt's Picture   Tonytt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Garbage services

    I just moved into a new apartment and Waste Management sent me a bill for the last three months. I have not lived at this location that long and I did not request their services. I have another contract with a disposal company and my landlord is aware of my garbage removal. Why does WM think they can monopolize this city and demand payment for all waste services in the city? I am sure this will drag on at my expense and no one from WM will try to resolve this. I am alos hearing that the city that I live in requires all tenants to have garbage removal with Wast Management. ???? You cant... More...
    vlctan's Picture   vlctan    0 Comments   Comments

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atyourserrep says: (3 years ago)
I have been with Waste Management for my cardboard 10 yard dumpster for approx 3yrs. After the the three years they said I would have to sign another contract otherwise I would be on a month to month bases which would make my cost be higher. Never thought nothing of it until they sent another contract. Went to look at cost of other companies found one almost 2/3 cheaper then what I was paying. When I called them back to pick up there dumpster they said oh no you are automatically in another 36 month contract. How can this be its not like I'm buying a car. This is Waste Management in Maryland. I'm sure there is something I can do for this. I assure you I will tell all my business associates about this experience. There employees are rather rude also.

Worstnighmare says: (5 years ago)
WASTE MANAGEMENT are liars and DO NOT take care of their customers ... YOU KNOW THE PEOPLE THAT PAY YOUR SALARY. I hope Waste Management is run out of business for their unprofessional, low class way of handling business. I have never dealt with a more inept company in my life.

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